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Our themed dishes

In delivery, on site or to take away

We put at your disposal our know-how in order to realize complete dishes for family meals or return of wedding, birthday, associations, paella, tagine, couscous, macaroon at very attractive prices.

Do not hesitate to contact us for a personalized quote.

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In delivery

for a minimum of 10 people



Paella 12.00 €

Rice, shrimps, mussels, coustellous, cuttlefish, chorizo, onions, green and red peppers.


Macaronade 12.00 €
Macaroni, tomato sauce, half sausage,

veal paupiette, beef meatball ....

Sea macaronade


€ 16.00

Macaroni, tomato sauce, seafood, salmon, cuttlefish, monkfish, mussels ....

7h leg of lamb

€ 15.20

Baked for 7 hours, eaten with a spoon.
Accompanied by a full-bodied jus and baked potatoes



Piglet on a spit 16.50 €
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Chicken tagine with candied lemons 12.00 €
Chicken marinated in spices, candied lemons, green olives, accompanied by grape semolina

Couscous 15.00 €

Semolina, spices, merguez, mutton, chicken, chickpeas, zucchini, carrots, turnips ...

Cuttlefish with rust 13.00 €
Pieces of cuttlefish strips cooked in tomato sauce accompanied by a rouille sauce and Creole rice


American monkfish 14.50 €

Sections of monkfish fillet flambéed with cognac and cooked with tomato and rice pilaf.

Tataki de thon
Légumes grillé et mozzarella
Brochette de canard
Terrine de Légumes
Pressé de légumes grillés
Foie gras
Salade de mangues et gambas
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