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On command
24 hours in advance


Our meal trays are made in our Sauvian laboratory on the outskirts  of  Béziers and delivered to the place of your choice.

You can order online, by phone  or at our office in Béziers which is located rue de la République in Béziers center.

E mail:     
Béziers office :
   06 27 33 37 39   Gwen
Laboratory :
         04 34 45 66 06

No bone meal trays in delivery

10 km on the outskirts of Béziers


15.50 € HT


Mountain s alade
(salad, smoked bacon, potatoes, reblochon, crouton, vinaigrette)


Roasted piece of beef, mayonnaise

Carrot and celery flan


Duo of cheeses and green salad


Tasty caramel pear



Bistro taste  

16.50 € HT

Cesar salad

romaine, grilled chicken, croutons parmesan shavings, cherry tomato, egg  hard, caesar sauce


Salmon steak with béarnaise sauce

vegetables julienne


Duo of cheeses and green salad


Italian tiramisu



plateau repas.jpg

The Tasty  

27.00 € HT

Duck foie gras terrine with onion jam and gingerbread


Half-lobster in Bellevue

mixed vegetables


Duo of cheeses and green salad


Chiboust tartlet



Sea sweets

20.00 € HT

Like a poke bowl

diced salmon marinated in salted soya Avocado, carrots, radish, cucumber


Pollock fillet with aioli

Assortment of small turned vegetables


Duo of cheeses and green salad


Chocolate pie



Le végétarien

23.00€ HT

Salade de pennes au pesto et tomates confites 


Milles feuilles de légumes confits à l'huile d'olives


Duo de fromages et salade verte

Bras de Vénus



Goût tradition 2.jpg

The drinks 

_ Small plastic still water bottle        0.60 € HT

- Small plastic sparkling water bottle      0.80 € HT

- Large plastic still water bottle        € 1.30 excl.

- Large plastic sparkling water bottle      € 1.60 excl.

- Orange juice 100 cl                         1.50 € HT

-Coca cola zero 100cl                        1.50 € HT

-Red wine from the Hérault region 0.75 cl            13.75 € HT

  white Chardonnay 0.75 cl                    13.75 € HT

-Rose wine from the Hérault region 0.75
  cl                  13.75 € HT


-Champagne of Reims  0.75 cl                     28.00 € HT                             




Bouteilles de vin
Filet de poisson
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